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Amaze Yourself!

I believe everyone is an artist. If you aren't convinced, perhaps you haven't found the right media, environment and/or instructor to coax that inner artist out of your soul.

I Offer Workshops In:

  • JEWELRY MAKING beadwork, wiring and cold connections
  • WATERCOLOR PAINTING for beginners


Location, Location, Location.

Prices posted are for workshops hosted at Binding Arts Studio.  If held at your facility or home, there will be an additional fee for travel, pre-packing and transporting tools and supplies.  These fees are based on distance, workshop selected. and number of participants. Meals and snacks will not be included.

Crazy for Concertinas


Concertinas a.k.a. accordion fold books have got to be the most versatile structure around. They can stand alone or be paired, intersected, interlocked, folded evenly or stepped. And who new that the paper fans we folded in grade school were the precursors to the spines for flag books? And that's just the start.  We'll fold the day away while learning to construct concertinas from long sheets, and by connecting shorter ones. 

We'll make:

  • a traditional concertina with pop outs (hard cover)
  • a portfolio with pockets (makes a great gift if you fill it with home made note cards or photos)
  • a flag book
  • a multi-layer, display "star"

Loads of samples, plenty of ideas and timesaving tricks.

COST: $120 PP all materials included

The day includes lunch.

Boost Your LiBEADo

I've been waiting years to use that pun! 

This class takes you beyond the basics of stringing. Sure you'll learn how to attach the findings (crimps, clasps, jump rings...the pieces that make the piece functional) but we're going to focus on design. There is nothing more boring than symmetrically alternating beads so boost your liBEADo by clearing how to apply the elements of design and elevate a string of beads to a piece of wearable art.

We'll make:

  • a pair of bracelets (& an extender, IF THERE'S TIME, so they can be worn as a short necklace)
  • and coordinating earrings)  


COST: $120 PP + $15 materials and use of tools

The day includes lunch.

Get Wired without the Caffeine



This class focuses on technique and FUNky jewelry. So if you are looking for elegant, refined silver work, keep looking.

Working with copper, brass, nickel and any other commercially available wire on a spool, we'll use the tools to give shape, wrap and pull the wire.


Wired AND twisted. Make earrings without them opening (pierced). Connect beads with wire for bracelets and learn how to avoid sharp ends from catching your sweaters or poking and scratching you.  The right tools and techniques tossed with practice and patience and viola! You got it. Beautiful wired jewelry that stays connected. 

But want if you don't want to wire beads? If it's got a hole in it, and the wire can support it's weight then bring it along!  Try busted watches, old chains, costume jewelry, keys, kiddies eye glasses,  tea cup...the idea is to make it scream with your personality. You may just end up with a great piece of 3-D art waiting begging to be placed in a shadow box frame.

We'll make:

  • a matinee length necklace (24 inches -- I miss the good old days, sigh)
  • and a pair of earrings (on pre-formed ear wires pierced ears. We will make the dangling part and connect them)


COST: $120 PP + $15 materials and use of tools

The day includes lunch and noshes.

Envelopes Gone Wild 1

10am - 5 pm;  Binding Arts Studio, MT. Gilead, OH

Light lunch & snacks provided (Sorry, unable to accommodate any special dietary needs or requests. You may bring your own lunch and snacks)

Please read the fine print at the bottom of this page for registration information and EMAIL if you may be interested. Workshop seating is limited to 8 guests and fill quickly.

Priority is given to prior attendees (affectionately known as repeat offenders). 


S.W.A.K. (Sealed with a Kiss) Book

We attach the envelopes so they turn like pages in a book. 

Then we can shift the “book” 45 degrees and literally fill the pages.


Mieshe a.k.a. “passport” envelope time permitting

Envelopes Gone Wild 2

Piano Hinge Binding Taking advantage of the folds already made in envelope construction, we cut in tabs

and interlock them with skewers, straws or my personal favorite, swizzle sticks! 

Piano Hinge


This is a quick demo and I’ll leave the materials out so if you find yourself a little a head of the others you can stay busy.  No rest for the weary!


Coptic Sewing

10am - 5 pm;  $120 /person

Includes full day of instruction, all materials (we use Fabriano and other fine papers. If I won't use it why should you?) lunch and snack.

Binding Arts Studio, MT. Gilead, OH

Light lunch & snacks provided (Sorry, unable to accommodate any special dietary needs or requests. You may bring your own lunch and snacks)

Please read the fine print at the bottom of this page for registration information and EMAIL if you may be interested. Workshop seating is limited to 8 guests and fill quickly. Priority is given to prior attendees (affectionately known as repeat offenders). 

Two books, one with each method.

Double Needle AND Single Needle


Double Needle and Single Needle “Chain” Stitch

The double needle method will remind you of some craft you did as a kid. It may seem counter-intuitive but two is easier than one so that’s how we’ll start. So why bother with both?

Other than the theory that knowledge is power, taller books have longer spines which require more holes (sewing stations) for stability. Yes, you can use the doubles methods in repeated pairs along the spine or in a variety of colors for some beautiful woven effects (I once tried an eight needle coptic stitch)but when you just want simple elegance, I think the single needle method is a beautiful choice.

Skill Building:  Good stitch to practice sewing tension (not the muscles in your shoulders). If it's uneven, your signatures (page sections) will be looser at or toward one side. Too tight, the signatures will not stack up over each other.  Lot's to think about but a great beginner's stitch and the prerequisite for the House Shrine's wire edge binding when tension is key to a stable home.

Note: A Supply list will be sent when you register. WHAT? A SUPPLY LIST FROM DEBRA?!   I provide everything you need, and have many things you want. The list will be for things to help you pre-plan for content.

House Shrine


Shrine and book made in class will vary from those shown in photographs.


Pre-requisites: COPTIC SEWING Workshop


This wire edge bound, mat board structure is totally reversible making it ideal for showcasing opposites, facade vs. interior; yin/yang, etc. or pairs of favorite trips…the skies the limit.  

(For those who are more self aware than I was when I first made my No Place Like Home, a house is typically a metaphor for self and it helped me express how I felt about the move to a small town in a socially acceptable way.)

Note: Measurements will be provided when you register so you can scale the size of any images you wish to bring.

A Box of Books--Variations of the Lotus Fold



Three Simple Folds Yield Magical Structures

You will be too amazed to realize the essential skills you will have been practicing by the time you complete the morning’s Box of Books.  Approaching paper as a sculptural element we will fill a paper box (we’re going to make that, too) with three small, hard-cover books.  Individually, each book makes a beautiful little gift to become an ornament, gift tag, mini journal, guest book or album but we deserve a box full of them!


  • STAR Book: Slide the bead down the ribbon and turn this book inside out to create a hanging star
  • CATEPILLAR Book: Fold more pages the same as the STAR but change the attachment and this little “gift” unties to open and resembles a caterpillar  
  • BUTTERFLY Book: This time, changing just one fold in this book’s pages creates the wing of a butterfly.


Lotus Folds II-one of the many possibilities. 



Other Workshops You May Schedule Include:

  • Japanese Bindings
  • Hard Cover Journals
  • Long Stitch
  • Bindings Exposed!
  • Another Box of Books --different shaped box different set of books
  • Watercolor for Beginners


Is there something in the realm of book and paper arts you'd like to learn? Email or call me about it.   If I can't teach it, chances are I know someone who can.

The Fine Print:

  • Pre registration is required through

    That's my new website with secure shopping cart. You may also pay by check. Please make check payable to:

    Binding Arts LLC and send to


    Debra Bachelder

    5151 TWP RD 126

    MT Gilead, OH 43338-1050

    Due to the nature of this event and limited space, there are no refunds. If you have to cancel, you are welcome to transfer your registration to another person. No children, please. Teens accompanied by an adult also registered for the workshop are welcome.
  • My studio is not handicapped accessible. If you need accessible facilities in order to participate, please let me know as soon as possible as I might be able to change venues.  I will do my best to accommodate you or your guest.



Adults only, please.



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